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Kreditable Konnections is changing the way people think about tax season. We guarantee the maximum legal refund for your personal and business taxes. What makes us unique is that we connect you with financial solutions professionals such as credit repair, insurance, and much more to help you maximize your refund year around. Kreditable Konnections cares about the economic wellbeing of our clients and their small businesses, so we also assist with outsourcing bookkeeping, LLC formation, applying for EIN, and connecting you with other financial solution resources to help your business strive.

I created Kreditable Konnections after a year of assisting clients out of an ACE Checking Cashing location during the 2020 tax season. So many updates to tax laws mid-year, stimulus payments, and child tax credits; these are the type of changes that causes a tide of questions that put tax preparers like me into research mode. The research paid off, and my clients were satisfied; we developed a year around a relationship for all their tax and financial concerns. The information I found was very beneficial. I decided to create a network to have all of your financial solutions in one place, save you time, and help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses while helping others build theirs.

Kreditable Konnections is a company for the people, by the people. If you have a company or have resources or skills in the financial services industry, please visit the membership tab to book a consult with me or send me an email with your website and information about your company. I would love to collab and help grow your business while helping others grow theirs. Let's get #Konnected

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